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‘Sex and the City’ Reboot Without Kim Cattrall Irks Samantha Fans


“And I would possibly most probably no longer aid however marvel…” would possibly most probably Sex and the Metropolis work with Samantha Jones?

News of the Sex and the Metropolis reboot has this week been bittersweet for followers, as the cult series revival comes with a mark—no Kim Cattrall.

HBO has confirmed that the reboot will probably be titled And Excellent Bask in That… and can focal point on the return of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis reprising their iconic roles as Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

Described by HBO Max as a “unique chapter” of the hit ’90s and ’00s camouflage, the 10-episode series will practice Carrie navigating existence in her 50s in Fresh York Metropolis.

On the other hand, as news of the reboot has been met with some skepticism as many followers and TV buffs can’t envisage SATC without Cattrall’s intercourse-distinct and quippy one-liner presence.

The announcement has sparked a wave of reactions on-line with followers joking and making memes referring to the news series without Samantha.

“Honey, whenever you occur to acquire no longer want Samantha, you don’t desire a camouflage. Everybody is aware of that,” said one Twitter particular person, adopting the cadence of the beloved persona.

Sex and the Metropolis without Samantha is in most cases Orwellian,” joked one other.

RuPaul’s Move Speed celebrity Tatianna added: “Sex and the Metropolis without Samantha is no longer Sex and the Metropolis.”

Honey, whenever you occur to acquire no longer want Samantha, you don’t desire a camouflage.

Everybody is aware of that.

— A Shady Dame From Seville (@SorayaMcDonald) January 11, 2021

One of the well-known jokes centered around an imagined plotline that Samantha will not be realistic or has been killed by Carrie.

“Optimistic, I killed Samantha,” joked one Twitter particular person along with the effectively-known picture of Carrie writing her column, the camouflage’s effectively-known metaphor driven voiceover.

Many joked about replacing Cattrall with different actresses—as one Twitter particular person joked: “Excellent private Jane Krakowski play Samantha Jones and by no manner address it on the camouflage, clearly.”

While one other suggested Tilda Swinton: “Gather Tilda Swinton play Samantha.”

“I have faith they must recast Samantha with Leslie Jones,” said one other.

Sex and the city
Solid members Kim cattrall, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon attend the west flit premiere of the third season of “Sex and the Metropolis” June 1, 2000 on the Directors Guild on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.
Dan Callister/Getty Shots/Liaison

Author Taffy Brodesser-Akner began a Twitter thread asking followers to acknowledge with some suggested plotlines that explains Samantha’s absence.

Some suggestions contain “she used to be a mannequin all along” (a nod to Cattrall’s 1987 movie Model) and the heartbreaking: “She died of most cancers. It got right here wait on. The camouflage opens at her funeral.”

Every other advice is a puppet steal on the role: “Samantha would possibly no longer be absent, the role will probably be performed by a puppet.”

Carrie celebrity Parker even answered to deliver she has “pen and paper “on the willing, implying that the script is no longer but written and doubtlessly providing a see of hope that Cattrall can also just but advance on board the venture.

Newsweek has reached out to Cattrall’s publicist for observation.

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