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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Oculus Quest 2 quietly drops support for Oculus Go games

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Fb quietly dropped give a boost to for Oculus Shuffle games and apps from the Oculus Quest 2’s characteristic space, genuinely cutting a full library of games made for the mid-tier Shuffle headset off from any recent VR adopters transferring forward.

There wasn’t essential of an reliable announcement. As an alternate, Oculus consulting CTO John Carmack eminent the pause of give a boost to in tweet spotted by the Twin carriageway to VR team this day. In that tweet, Carmack mentioned that he “entirely lost the inner debate over backwards compatibility” and that the Quest 2 doesn’t offer Shuffle emulation thanks to it.

Oculus-father or mother Fb announced plans to converse Oculus Shuffle emulation to the distinctive Quest headset final year, and began to wind down give a boost to for the standalone Oculus Shuffle headset beautiful just a few months abet. With all that in tandem, Shuffle game builders will enjoy had some peace of thoughts that their apps might perhaps live on by emulation on aloof-supported headsets, nonetheless it seems like that won’t be the case.

On condition that the Quest 2 is Oculus’ reliable, and in actuality most piquant, entry point for tag recent VR users, this suggests that any recent adopters won’t be in a assign apart to recall or salvage apps for a tool that Oculus beautiful final year called “a game-changer” that “spread out VR to many extra of us” and “helped redefine immersive entertainment.”

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