Viral Video of Tahir Hussain on Social Media


#AamAadmiParty Councilor #TahirHussain, who was charged in the executing of constable Ankit Sharma

Thrilling disclosures have been made about the Aam Aadmi Party Councilor Tahir Hussain, who was charged in the executing of constable Ankit Sharma, who was posted in the Intelligence Bureau. As per the data got, #AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain, who went under conversation in the savagery in North East Delhi on Monday and Tuesday in Delhi, is initially from Amroha in Uttar Pradesh.

Video-1, this is an original and unaided video, in this, the voice of the video recorder can be heard which is saying – If it comes to Tahir, then enjoy it. Do not take women. In the end, he says that “My voice is also recorded”

Video-2: In the second video, the person recording the video is heard saying – here is Tahir Mather **** d, son will come in your house now.

Video-3: On the 24th, Tahir Hussain was pleading with the Delhi Police for help, would the media show it?


Video-4: Attack on his gate.

Video 5: Speaking to maintain peace with people while marching 24 Fab along with top police officers, corporation councilor Tahir Hussain.

Video 6: Tahir Hussain is himself a victim of the rioters’ disturbance and was rescued by the police two days ago. Tahir Hussain’s building was captured by a mob of rioters.