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Friday, April 3, 2020

Links 2/23/2020

Must Read

Lockhart’s piece is a pleasant bit of hand-wringing.

I’m in a position to honest correct note the Sanders ads that come out of a MB focal point on him

Please, oh please, ‘bring it on’

My first strive:

“Hi, I’m Bernie Sanders,

You’ve doubtlessly seen rather quite so much of promoting by billionaire Mike Bloomberg attacking me

And also you’ve doubtlessly seen that President Trump doesn’t like me either

I admit it, … billionaires don’t like me

But the billionaires additionally don’t judge that first rate clinical care is a human honest

And the billionaires aren’t offended by the root that clinical costs are a number one cause behind bankruptcy in this country

They customarily don’t judge that working other folks deserve a living wage

Or that retirees shouldn’t be pressured to ration their medication since it’s so costly, or remove from ingesting ample meals or paying the utilities

And the billionaires, many of whom made their money on Wall Twin carriageway, just like the root that many college graduates are lifestyles-long debt slaves to highly effective Wall Twin carriageway companies

Whenever you believe the billionaires about these items,… nicely, if that’s the case I guess that you shouldn’t like me any longer than they cease.

But whereas you occur to don’t believe the billionaires about these items,… I invite you to vote for me in the Democratic predominant and in the impending traditional election. The style things are, that the billionaires are so enraged about, is now not like minded for the massive majority of the American other folks. We don’t salvage to assign up with this. I invite you to affix us.

It’s now not about me, and it’s now not even about the billionaires. It’s about all of us.

I’m Bernie Sanders and I approve this message”

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