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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Boxhill defends ‘concert’: Sekon Sunday was not a fete

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Ryan Hamilton-Davis

Nesta 'Sekon Sta' Boxhill during his performance last Sunday at Sekon Sunday by Sekon Sta and EEEmpire, Queen's Hall, St Ann's. - Kyle Frederick
Nesta ‘Sekon Sta’ Boxhill at some level of his efficiency remaining Sunday at Sekon Sunday by Sekon Sta and EEEmpire, Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s. – Kyle Frederick

It changed into not a fete, it changed into a concert.

So acknowledged managers and performers at Sekon Sta’s “Sekon Sunday” concert, held remaining weekend.

The concert which featured Nesta “Sekon Sta” Boxhill as the headline act changed into the centre of an investigation into a conceivable contravention of social distancing principles.

However Boxhill, alongside with Queen’s Hall supervisor Garfield George explained, not handiest changed into every thing in the concert performed in step with social distancing principles, nonetheless the prevailing tried to form a blueprint that will well perhaps perhaps be passe to form safe occasions in the prolonged bustle whereas tranquil making a “vibe.”

Boxhill acknowledged, “We’re working on something so as that we would possibly perhaps well perhaps exist as artists the same potential that groceries and completely different areas are – on the opposite hand it’s a work in progress.

“This changed into not a occasion. It changed into by no manner a occasion. It changed into not a public tournament. It changed into by invitation handiest and it’s a template that changed into being place for folk. We took it upon ourselves as entertainers to envision out to complete something that will well perhaps originate a sustainable template for performers and have faith the funds for fogeys some roughly Carnival and performers some roughly employment.”

Security procedures followed

Boxhill acknowledged he, alongside with completely different stage performers, would admire to portion the programs he passe to stage the concert and have faith executive enhance on them if conceivable.

Newsday changed into told that after patrons arrived at the venue, they were made to protect of their automobiles and, group by group, they were allowed to enter after taking segment in a plan that included temperature checks, hand sanitisation and sharing contact records for contact tracing.

Once they achieved the entry route of, they were ushered at once to their seats, and were not allowed to transfer.

After the concert, the patrons were made to protect of their seats until ushers would possibly perhaps well perhaps handbook them to their exits and present them with refreshments and eats as they left.

Boxhill recommended the Commissioner of Police and the TTPS on their enforcement of covid19 principles, and impressed the commissioner to proceed to put in power the covid19 approved guidelines stringently, nonetheless he knocked completely different folks having “occasions,” and acknowledged their unsuitable behaviour changed into making issues worse for each person.

Garfield George
Nesta ‘Sekon Sta’ Boxhill performs for the group at Sekon Sunday by Sekon Sta and EEEmpire, Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s, on Sunday. – Kyle Frederick

“It’s miles Peter pay for Paul and Paul pay for all. It’s a mutter where, on myth of the public is so sensitive on myth of a extensive range of occasions were not following guidelines it’s making tougher for areas admire Queen’s Hall, which changed into very meticulous in its operations.”

In a release despatched to the media on Tuesday, CoP Gary Griffith acknowledged the Sekon Sunday tournament had the complete substances of a Carnival band launching. He acknowledged as some distance as he changed into fervent, the tournament changed into a public occasion.

He acknowledged,“Whereas the tournament changed into carried on tv and on social media, the video footage changed into somewhat certain that it showed a titanic preference of patrons inner Queen’s Hall.”

The release acknowledged Griffith intends to fulfill managers of Queen’s Hall as well to of Naparima Bowl, Nationwide Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) and the Southern Meeting for the Performing Arts (SAPA), as it changed into seen that these four venues were launch for business.

He all all over again reminded the public that it changed into an offence to procure public occasions or fetes, under the public health regulations.

A video circulating on social media depicted folks at Sekon Sunday dancing in the hall whereas a performer sang. Within the video it regarded as despite the indisputable truth that folk were packed carefully collectively, despite the indisputable truth that all of them wore masks.

Custom Minister fervent by video

Minister of Tourism, Custom and the Arts Randall Mitchell, saying his ministry changed into committed to adhering to public health guidelines and protocols to end the unfold of covid19, expressed field over the video.

A release from the ministry acknowledged, “(The minister) has requested an prompt meeting with the board and administration of all nationwide efficiency spaces under the Ministry of Tourism, Custom and the Arts to urgently revise the operations of these performances.”

He indispensable that the tournament changed into recorded to be broadcast and 200 invites were issued for the concert. The skill for Queen’s Hall, Newsday understands, is about 750.

Queen’s Hall supervisor George acknowledged he changed into not greatly surprised when eyebrows were raised over the concert. He assured that the concert changed into no completely different to any tournament held since they were allowed to re-launch in July.

He acknowledged, “In December we held a concert for Tuco, Pan Trinbago had their Christmas telethon here, John Thomas had a concert, there changed into the three days of parang tournament and tons others, all following the same regulations.”

George explained that despite the indisputable truth that covid19 regulations allowed Queen’s Hall to utilise half of its skill for occasions, administration handiest enables the utilization of about 30 per cent – between 230 and 260 patrons. By a seat-mapping route of, George acknowledged Queen’s Hall has worked out a machine so as that seats would possibly perhaps well perhaps perhaps be grouped collectively in a most of 4 launch seats, followed by a closed seat.

However from the Sekon Sunday tournament, each George and Boxhill discovered that after soca music hits, folks must transfer.

George acknowledged, “Even despite the indisputable truth that we attach space between folks they will also fair tranquil find up and would possibly perhaps perhaps be found in to a seat or come as a lot as the front row. To any extent further, we can originate these seats inoperable. We’re going to have the flexibility to try to gain a stylish potential as an different of striking up caution tape.

“We’re not taking the public health principles for granted. We’re very pondering about it, nonetheless we now have faith the flexibility and the infrastructure, so folks would possibly perhaps well perhaps come and back stress in a stable potential.”

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