‘We Are Not the Adam Neumanns of This World’: What WeWork Employees Told Their Bosses


Bigger than 150 workers of WeWork despatched a letter to management this week asking to be treated humanely because the firm prepares to lay off thousands of of us. The workers, who call themselves the WeWorkers Coalition, made sure their madden at the firm’s co-founder and historical chief executive, Adam Neumann, and implored WeWork’s leaders to address them with “dignity.” Right here’s what the letter acknowledged:

To the We Firm Management Crew:

WeWork’s firm values relief us to be “entrepreneurial, inspired, reliable, tenacious, grateful and collectively.” This day, we’re embracing these qualities wholeheartedly as we band collectively to ensure the smartly-being of our pals.

We attain from many departments at some stage within the firm: constructing upkeep, cleaning, community, web, product, engineering and more. We predict that within the upcoming weeks we’ve the weird opportunity to demonstrate our honest values to the sphere. That is a firm that has inspired many other folks, challenged us, and has been a formative deepest and legit experience for these of us who started our careers right here. WeWork has been no longer honest a area of labor, however a offer of friendships and inspiration along the manner.

We additionally mutter our product can personal a permanent sure affect on the sphere. We desire to toughen area of labor happiness for millions of office workers and improve miniature and medium sized firms in their entrepreneurial efforts. We have got got been proud to enhance these targets and devote our time and skills to originate them. This has been our story to this point.

Lately, then all over again, we’ve watched as layers are peeled relief one-by-one to uncover a diverse story. This story is one in every of deception, exclusion and selfishness enjoying out at the firm’s most life like possible phases. That is a story that reads as a negation of all our core values. But this story is no longer over.

Hundreds of us will be laid off within the upcoming weeks. But we desire our time right here to personal intended something. We don’t desire to be defined by the scandals, the corruption, and the greed exhibited by the firm’s leadership. We desire to traipse away unhurried a legacy that represents the honest persona and intentions of WeWork workers.

In the prompt term, we desire these being laid off to be supplied glorious and affordable separation phrases commensurate with their contributions, collectively with severance pay, continuation of firm-paid medical health insurance and compensation for misplaced fairness. We’re no longer the Adam Neumanns of this world — we’re a diverse workforce with rents to pay, households to enhance and kids to enhance. Neumann departed with a $1.7 billion severance bundle collectively with a yearly $46 million “consulting price” (higher than the total compensation of all however nine public C.E.O.s within the United States in 2018). We’re no longer inquiring for this level of graft. We are asking to be treated with humanity and dignity so we are able to proceed living lifestyles while hunting to fabricate a living in other locations. In consideration of unruffled knowledge, we are able to additionally want readability spherical the contracts our cleaning workers will be required to be a half of expose to preserve their jobs, that are being outsourced to a third web collectively. These of us who personal visas thru WeWork want assistance and enough time to search out a recent employer to sponsor our respective visas.

In the medium term, workers want a seat at the desk so the firm can take care of a broader range of things. We’ve seen what can occur when leadership makes selections while workers produce no longer personal any state. We are able to pray to search out more transparency and more accountability.

We additionally want the thousands who retain our buildings and without lengthen service contributors to receive fats advantages and glorious pay, in desire to earning honest above minimum wage.

We want allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment to be taken seriously, acted on without lengthen and resolved with transparency.

We want range and inclusion efforts to materialize into accurate actions, no longer honest talking components at firm meetings.

We want salary transparency so we are able to ground and take care of systemic inequalities.

We want an slay to forced arbitration contracts, which strip workers of their upright to pursue glorious honest action in opposition to the firm.

We want all of this, and more.

In the lengthy race, we desire the workers who remain at WeWork, and of us that be a half of within the lengthy race, to inherit something sure we left unhurried. We desire them to never web themselves in this save all over again, and for that to occur, they want a state.

With this letter we’re introducing ourselves, the WeWorkers Coalition. We are taking fats attend of our honest upright to place this coalition, and in doing so, we hope to provide the lengthy race workers of WeWork the state we never had.

We desire to work with you. Please be a half of us in writing a nearer ending to this chapter of the WeWork story.

By this Thursday at 5: 00 p.m. EST, we would possibly maybe well perchance perchance love to receive affirmation of your receipt of this letter and an indication of your willingness to meet us.

The WeWorkers Coalition

@weworkersco • knowledge@weworkersco.org • #weworkers-coalition

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