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Thursday, January 28, 2021

The Community Spotlight 2021.01.09

Must Read

Euro club offer World Cup winner as part of deal for 24-year-old Spurs man

Tottenham Hotspur and Paris Saint-Germain have reached an agreement over a loan deal for Dele Alli, but the move may not be completed. According to Le Parisien, the England international will join PSG until the end of the season if Spurs manage to sign a replacement before the January transfer window closes. Negotiations between the…

Journalist confirms Tottenham are weighing up a January move for 29-yr-old

Tottenham Hotspur have been linked with a move for the Napoli defender Nikola Maksimovic. The experienced centre-half is expected to leave the Italian club after falling down the pecking order and he could prove to be a decent addition to Tottenham’s defensive unit. He has started just five league games for Napoli so far this…

Report: Everton interested in Christian Eriksen

According to TuttoMercatoWeb, Everton are interested in signing Inter Milan attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen. The Danish international has featured sporadically under Antonio Conte this season, making 15 appearances across all competitions and starting on just five occasions. TuttoMercatoWeb claimed that the Toffees made a ‘timid approach’ to get him but it could develop into something…

by Marino – Brad Lynch on

Endure in mind that time Agent 47 smuggled Airsoft guns out of Japan?

Source: Giant Bomb User Vextroid
Source: Giant Bomb Person Vextroid

Hi there and welcome to essentially the most trendy model of the Giant Bomb Neighborhood Highlight and I, @zombiepie, am honored to be your host as we look support at essentially the most productive neighborhood generated choices from the final week.

It would maybe maybe maybe be entirely regressive to introduce this week’s Neighborhood Highlight with out first recognizing the events from the prior week. As most of you respect, the United States Capitol used to be stormed by a violent riot. Let it is known, as my earlier comment would maybe maybe maybe counsel, Giant Bomb views the events of January Sixth, 2021 as a violent and illegal try and undermine the democratic technique of the United States. As Brad has said on Twitter, makes an try to excuse the tournament with “both sides…” rhetoric is per chance now not tolerated nor will outright enhance of the riot strive be tolerated. While you spy any feedback which will most seemingly be in violation of this, flag or file them to the Moderation Crew.

It does, nonetheless, consolation me to know that I even like an inordinate quantity of neighborhood and user-generated teach that smartly showcases the creativity that is forever imbedded in Giant Bomb. To all individuals who has written a overview, checklist, thread, or weblog on the positioning that has maintained the neighborhood expectations on this pickle, I tip my hat to you. With that apart, let’s overview the positioning-linked housekeeping!

  • Giant Bomb’s 2020 GOTY coverage will initiate on January 18th, 2021
  • Giant Bomb’s Neighborhood GOTY vote casting has begun! Encourage crown a neighborhood 2020 GOTY by filling out the have and you’ve got got got unless January 25th to submit a vote!
  • While you expertise any concerns or bugs with the neighborhood vote casting, right here is the thread for reporting concerns. Endure in mind, the commonest concerns are linked to video games now not existing within the database and/or confusion a couple of game’s “legitimate” originate date. If your pickle is the inclined in space of the later, please recall into consideration including the sport to the database!
  • The staff and moderation crew are responsive to essentially the most trendy inflow of spambots, and are engaged on a solution. We are working to withhold issues below withhold watch over, however given the time of the Twelve months, you will scrutinize waves every so often.

GOTY 2020

Creator’s Show: After a protracted lengthen, I one way or the other got round to reviewing and compiling some, however obviously now not all of the user-created lists on the positioning. If I missed your checklist or weblog, PLEASE drop a hyperlink to it the use of the feedback fraction and I will happily showcase it subsequent time!

Person-Created GOTY Lists

The Last of Us Part II seems to be getting a lot of love from the community, but what say you?
The Closing of Us Part II appears to be like to be getting pretty just a few delight in from the neighborhood, however what converse you?
  • GOTY 2020 Top 10 (By: @av_gamer)
  • Game of the Yr 2020 (By: @bondfish)
  • Games of the Yr 2020 (By: @aistan)
  • Our GOTY of 2020: But again (By: @lcom)
  • MezZa’s Top 10 Game of the Yr 2020 (By: @mezza)
  • 2020 Certain Was as soon as Attention-grabbing, Wasn’t It? (By: @drachmalius)
  • TOP 10 GAMES I PLAYED IN 2020 (By: @serryl)
  • I Cherished These Games In (By: @humanity)
  • GOTY (2020) Final Form (By: @valorianendymion)
  • Finest Games of 2020 (By: @aleen634)
  • My Public, On the File, GotY 2020 Prediction (By: @pacmantis)
  • Games Of The Yr 2020 (As Determined Upon In 2021) (By: @make_me_mad)
  • Zackington’s Top 6 Games Of 2020 (By: @zackington)
  • GotY 2020 (By: @starvinggamer)
  • Top 5 Games (That I Played) In 2020 (By: @totalpatoot)
  • TFP’s Top 10 Games of 2020 (By: @thefakepsychic)
  • My Current 10 Games of 2020 (By: @mezmero)
  • Top 10 Games Of 2020 (By: @taccyp)
  • MocBucket62’s Top Games of 2020 (By: @mocbucket62)

GOTY Blogs

Top 10 Games I Played in 2020 (By: @hunt270)

Cook, Serve, Delicious 3?! seems to be an underrated pick from all of the blogs and lists I reviewed!
Cook, Encourage, Scrumptious 3?! appears to be like to be an underrated dangle from all of the blogs and lists I reviewed!

Hunt270 makes use of their 2020 GOTY weblog to showcase the pretty just a few traditional titles they struck from their backlog within the future of the Twelve months! Learn all about the older titles they judge amassed preserve as much as within the mean time!

Game of the Yr 2020 (By: @wonderbun)

wonderBun ranks the video games both fresh and aged they played in 2020 from worst to most productive! Did a fresh title from the Twelve months recall the head pickle or a oldschool traditional from yesteryear? You’re proper going to settle on to be taught their weblog to search out out!

Game of the Yr 2020 (By: @franzlska)

FRANZlSKA most productive felt happy striking 5 video games on their 2020 GOTY weblog, however that does not imply you mustn’t ever try it out! Give it a be taught and be taught all about the video games they judge rocked 2020!

2020: Sir Isaac Reviewton (By: @xenturik)

Was Half Life: Alyx the VR
Was as soon as Half of Life: Alyx the VR “gadget seller” some made it out to be by your books?

XenturiK makes a return to running a blog on the positioning with an exhaustive overview of all the pieces they sold and played in 2020! Give it a be taught whenever you are in need of some video game solutions.

ArbitraryWater’s Current Games of 2020 (that came out in 2020) (By: @arbitrarywater)

ArbitraryWater typically performs a ton of “traditional” video games however that did now not quit them from making a weblog about their popular video games that came out in 2020!

The Mento Game Awards 2020 (By: @mento)

With this weblog Mento hands out their 2020 GOTY awards! While you are in need of a honest laugh, give it a be taught as you spy the recipients of awards treasure “Most unearthly F’n Game” and “Giant Bomb’s Finest Aim of 2020.”

Games That I Cared About/Played In 2020 (By: @itsmagicneal)

Do you feel comfortable recognizing a gacha game as a GOTY recipient?
Attain you’re feeling happy recognizing a gacha game as a GOTY recipient?

ItsMagicNeal shunned the conventional 2020 GOTY weblog by looking out support and reviewing every game they played within the Twelve months! Learn their exhaustive month-by-month overview of all the pieces they played.


This Twelve months dudeglove excitedly shares their GOTY picks within the have of a handful of videos! Take a look at them out and marvel at their spectacular editing skills.

ALLTheDinos’ Current Games of 2020 (By: @allthedinos)

ALLTheDinos makes use of their 2020 GOTY weblog to notice why they judge it used to be regarded as one of the predominant strongest years for video games in most trendy recollections! Look which video games helped them regain by diagram of the Twelve months the use of the hyperlink above!

GAMES OF 2020 (By: @mccash4gold)

Did you enjoy some 4X-ing in 2020?
Did you like some 4X-ing in 2020?

MCCash4Gold one way or the other got round to making a 2020 GOTY weblog on the positioning! In it, they ranked every game they played final Twelve months from worst to most productive!

Taking a look for Attend At What I Played In 2020 (By: @justin258)

Delight in many others, Justin258 exhaustively explores all of the video games they played within the future of 2020 and discusses what they chanced on about themselves as smartly as the video games that support them amassed down within the future of aggravating times.


Shoutout to hentai.
– Michael Higham, 2019

— Giant Bomb Out of Context (@giantbomb_ooc) January 4, 2021

Jeff: Alright Vinny. Now that we are within the soccer, which I know is your wheelhouse.
Vinny: Yeah.
Jeff: How enact you’re feeling it is doing?
Vinny: Now I am done. … [“accidentally” closes game] Oops.
Jeff: Alright, Vinny, now how enact you’re feeling about ‘Lords of Football’?
Vinny: Barely honest.

— Giant Bomb Nonsense (@GB_Nonsense) January 5, 2021

Jan: Oh! ‘Sonic XX’ this can not be terrifying.
Jeff: Yeah, it is proper two Xs.
[Jan clicks to see thumbnail]
Ben: Why does Sonic like massive knockers?
Vinny: Get you now not viewed Sonic Enhance?#FarewellFlash 12/23/20

— Giant Bomb Nonsense (@GB_Nonsense) January 7, 2021


BANNER – Brad x Hitman III (By: @vextroid)

Many thanks to Giant Bomb user Vextroid for taking Brad from episode 668 of the Giant Bombcast and turning it correct into a banner for the following Hitman!

Has Science Long gone Too A long way? (By: madelk @nateandrews)

Whelp, the tradition of oldsters taking Jeff’s “meme photos” and making them worse continues! From the Giant Bomb Reddit, we like now got these makes an try to realistically age two of Jeff’s most “iconic” photos/photos!

No Caption Provided


Half of-Life Is A Platformer, And Other Issues Other folks Did now not Direct Me About The 1998 Traditional (By: @nateandrews )

Does calling Half-Life 1 a
Does calling Half of-Life 1 a “platformer” vibe with you?

nateandrews takes to Giant Bomb to posit a rather “controversial” view: the usual Half of-Life is a platformer with taking pictures in it. Derive the rotund crucial points to their view the use of the hyperlink above!

Random Access: Cyberpunk 2077, Critics, and Marketing (By: @gamer_152)

Moderator Gamer_152 writes why The Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco is reflective of the astronomical energy of fashionable marketing departments and the pointlessness of throwing critics below the bus.

What is the Splendid Video Game(s): Timberman Vs. & Mad Age and This Guy +

What’s The Splendid Video Game: Yakuza 0 (By: @imunbeatable80)

If you know, you know.
While you respect, you respect.

The indie video games Timberman Vs. & Mad Age and This Guy are the subject of user imunbeatable80’s most trendy weblog on the positioning! Likewise, earlier within the week, imunbeatable80 one way or the other got round to taking half in and ending Yakuza 0 and ranks it as fraction of their on-going “What is the Splendid Video Game?” weblog sequence!

Indie Game of the Week 201: Catmaze (By: @mento)

Mento checks out Catmaze for his or her most trendy “Indie Game of the Week” weblog on the positioning! Give it a be taught and be taught why they judge it is a fun metroidvania for somebody drawn to studying more about Slavic folklore!

Discussion Threads

Hitman 3 Preview Gameplay Discussion Thread (By: @humanity)

Are you excited for the eventual revival of Hitman content on the site?
Are you angry for the eventual revival of Hitman teach on the positioning?

Contemporary pictures of Hitman 3 hit the net final week and you will click the hyperlink to the thread above to give it a look whenever you’ve got got now not viewed it yet. After giving it a look, feel free to fraction your first impressions of what has been shown of the sport!

Games That Will Now now not Derive Airtime In The GB GOTY Discussions (By: @heelbill)

Here’s a dialogue thread all individuals within the neighborhood can be a fraction of! Which video games in your 2020 GOTY checklist enact you most effort will regain “lost within the stir?” Which video games are you anxious is now not going to regain airtime?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Patches Discussion Thread (By: @junkerman)

Is Valhalla better or worse off since its launch? Join the discussion NOW!
Is Valhalla greater or worse off since its originate? Join the dialogue NOW!

Calling all Assassin’s Creed Valhalla avid gamers within the neighborhood! What are your impressions of essentially the most trendy batch of patches? Attain you maintain the sport has gotten greater since originate? Are you taking half in on a console or PC?

What Attain You Mediate Of Game Cross On PC? (By: @bitbat)

To all of you with a Game Cross on PC subscription, how enact you’re feeling about it? Attain you maintain it compares favorably or unfavorably to the Xbox-most productive model of Game Cross?

The Medium – Sequence X Unparalleled – Has Contemporary Gameplay Footage (By: @humanity)

Are there any Giant Bomb customers which like checked out essentially the most trendy gameplay pictures for The Medium by Bloober Crew? Give it a look and be half of the neighborhood dialogue about it the use of the hyperlink!

Are You Quiet In Cranium & Bones (Ubisoft)? (By: @monkeyking1969)

I remember when saying
I take note when saying “Cranium & Bones” on the net used to be an indictment in opposition to the Bush administration.

Ubisoft’s pirate game, Cranium & Bones, has been delayed delayed several times since its announcement. Attain you maintain the sport will in actuality originate in 2021? Are you angry to play the sport? Also, did you respect that pirates stole shit support within the day?

Person Opinions

Is VA-11 Hall-A the cyberpunk game you should be playing right now?
Is VA-11 Hall-A the cyberpunk game you will like to be taking half in correct now?
  • @wemibelle one way or the other got round to taking half in Rakuen and makes use of their overview of the sport to fraction why they judge it is regarded as one of essentially the most humanizing depictions of life and dying in a video game.
  • @shirayuri’s VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Motion overview goes over how the sport supplies an very fair correct cyberpunk expertise with smartly timed reports of fashionable culture that amassed preserve as much as within the mean time.
  • @phanboy4 has a predominant soft pickle for FromSoftware’s Shadow Tower on the usual PlayStation. Learn all about why the sport has change into regarded as one of their all-time popular guilty pleasure video video games
  • @s10129107 makes use of their overview of Gigantic Meat Boy Without end to fraction how the sport fully adjustments the formula of the usual game however for the worst!

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Rayo Vallecano 1-2 Barcelona: Player ratings as Barça progress in Copa del Rey

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