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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Cape Breton petitions Ottawa, airlines to restore flights to Sydney, N.S.

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Air Canada’s experience to floor the finest last flights into Sydney, Nova Scotia initiating Monday will reduce off Cape Breton Island from the field and leave the place of abode struggling, says a neighborhood enterprise chief.

The experience follows the suspension of WestJet provider to Sydney that took build in October, and can imply travellers to Cape Breton must hover into Halifax and then pressure, adding about five hours on the boulevard to internet to Sydney, as an illustration.

“This will non-public a detrimental build on our complete place of abode,” Kathleen Yurchesyn, CEO of the Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce, informed CTV’s Your Morning on Monday.

“It’s going to non-public an influence on our economy and our capacity to grow and the sustainability of what we non-public established already.”

Lack of business air provider will reduce Cape Breton and its 132,000 residents off from doing enterprise with the relaxation of Canada and the field, says Yurchesyn. About 10 per cent of the island’s team relies fully on work initiate air the place of abode.

About half of of students enrolled at Cape Breton College are international students and the option will moreover wound tourism, says Yurchesyn, which brings in hundreds of hundreds of hundreds in revenue.

Sydney’s J.A. Douglas McCurdy Airport employs 300 of us and Yurchesyn says she moreover fears for plans to build a mega port on the island.

Every Air Canada and WestJet non-public suspended flights to Sydney indefinitely, announcing it’s now now not commercially viable to proceed flying to Sydney amid the pandemic.

Yurchesyn says the place of abode is petitioning the federal authorities to supply strengthen to the nationwide carriers and a return to a incorrect stage of provider to the island. 

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