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Dwelling windows 10 20H1, the foremost feature update model of 2020 for Dwelling windows 10 and the foremost main update for Dwelling windows 10 after Dwelling windows 10 model 1903, will introduce pretty a sequence of changes to the running machine.

Microsoft continues to push fresh builds to the Insider Channel that feature a pair of of the changes. The latest Dwelling windows 10 20H1 make, make 18963, makes a handful of Dwelling windows tools optional aspects. The tools, e.g. WordPad and Paint, are silent accessible by default.

All fresh versions of Dwelling windows toughen optional aspects; this reach with the running machine by default and may possibly presumably silent even be enabled or disabled via the Settings application in Dwelling windows 10, Administration Panel in old versions of Dwelling windows and earlier Dwelling windows 10 versions, and by potential of Dwelling windows PowerShell.

Some optional aspects are enabled by default, others are disabled. That that you may possibly presumably also win that certain industry tools and aspects, e.g. IIS-linked tools, RSAT ingredients, OpenSSH Server, or WMI SNMP Provider, are now no longer enabled by default.

Microsoft began to turn some core Dwelling windows applications into optional aspects. Dwelling windows Media Participant became one in every of the foremost tools that Microsoft made an optional feature.

Unique optional aspects in Dwelling windows 10 20H1

paint wordpad steps recorder-optional features windows 10 20h1

Gift: the next observations are consistent with a preview model of Dwelling windows 10 20H1. Things may possibly change before originate.

In the event you take a look at the record of optional aspects in fresh Dwelling windows 10 model 20H1 builds, that you would be capable to heed that loads of ingredients had been added to the record by Microsoft.

A rapid comparison between the optional aspects of Dwelling windows 10 model 1809 and Dwelling windows 10 20H1 unearths the next core additions:

  • Microsoft Paint
  • Microsoft Hasty Motivate
  • Microsoft Dwelling windows Particular person Ride
  • Steps Recorder
  • WordPad

Microsoft listed Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) as deprecated in the Dwelling windows 10 Tumble Creators Change because it appreciated a fresh interpretation of Microsoft Paint known as Microsoft Paint 3D as a change. After some outcry, Microsoft confirmed that Paint would be included in Dwelling windows 10 model 1903 and that it would be included in Dwelling windows 10 in the meanwhile.

Microsoft planned to lunge Paint to the Microsoft Retailer at the initiating but that has now no longer took bid and there are no signs that right here’s going to happen anytime rapidly.

The mix as an optional feature would no longer elevate away Microsoft Paint from the Dwelling windows 10 running machine; truly, Paint is enabled by default in fresh builds of Dwelling windows 10 20H1 which potential that that it remains accessible by default in that model at the least.

The a similar is correct for WordPad, a trusted but significantly dated application to eye and edit Notice paperwork, and Steps Recorder, a accepted desktop recording application.

Why is Microsoft making these ingredients optional?

No longer well-known aspects which are enabled by default shall be disabled on the machine. Whereas that would no longer free up any disk situation on the computer’s anxious power, it eliminates traces of these applications from the Beginning Menu and another areas, e.g. the context menu. Paint or WordPad can now no longer be uninstalled in old versions of Dwelling windows 10 or Dwelling windows.

Microsoft’s resolution to kind these tools optional may possibly hold practicable reasons as nicely because it can possibly well even be the foremost step of the removal direction of. The total direction of may possibly understand relish this:

  • Dwelling windows 10 20H1: kind clear tools optional aspects which are enabled by default.
  • In a while: change the preliminary bid of the tools to disabled by default.
  • Even later: elevate away these tools fully or lunge them to the Microsoft Retailer to offer them there.

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Windows 10 20H1: Paint and WordPad turned into optional features

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Dwelling windows 10 20H1: Paint and WordPad grew to turn out to be into optional aspects


The latest Dwelling windows 10 20H1 make, make 18963, makes a handful of longstanding Dwelling windows tools optional aspects.


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