Cherishing her choirs


Neecia Majolly, founder-trustee of The Majolly Music Belief will more than doubtless be a singer/songwriter, trainer, conductor and composer. One among India’s most animated pianists, she won awards at the World Music Awards and Indie Music Channel Awards for her modern rock community, The Majolly Project. Neecia is believed to be the principle Indian western classical pianist to comprise a piano album, Gold Circulation Pure Spa released by Universal Audio, USA. She no longer too long previously presented A Choral Expertise that comprises the comeback of her choir, Madrigals, And plenty others. Femusica, an all-ladies choir, directed by Neecia also made its debut. Neecia had her musical education in Brunei and Singapore and went on to sort her level in tune from the Western Australian Conservatorium, Perth.

Two a few years

“Madrigals, And plenty others. celebrates its 20th anniversary this year,” says Neecia. “The mixed community turned into as soon as created with the device of performing tune from the Middle Ages. We also introduced out the principle Western classical album in India in 2009, The Renaissance Begins. The Camerata (later known as The Majolly Music Belief Choir), that I declare, has earned a recognition for its repertoire, including the efficiency of Handel’s Messiah.”

Saying she launched Femusica, in February, Neecia says, “My choirs are made up mostly of non-professional singers. A live efficiency will resolve about seven months of preparation. Professional choirs international shall be live efficiency-ready in supreme four rehearsals or much less.

Femusica, Neecia says is impressed by the #MeToo motion. “I believed it turned into as soon as time to showcase compositions by ladies. Against my be taught, I stumbled on this kind of admire trove of compositions that haven’t viewed the gentle of day. I compiled a whole lot of compositions from assorted eras. We started our section with a plainchant by the mystic Hildegard von Bingen (Middle Ages) comely by draw of the Baroque, and into the 21st century. Most choral compositions are by men, and that’s the reason what most choirs, and Madrigals, And plenty others. comprise performed till date. So having a ladies’s choir performing compositions by ladies composers turned into as soon as keen and assorted.”

Mettlesome and partaking

Enumerating the female composers showcased, Neecia says, “Now we comprise extinct the work of American composer Carol Barnett who creates courageous and partaking tune, both for gentle instrumentation, and for fusion similar to a mass accompanied by a bluegrass band or a duet for steel pan and organ.

“We also comprise the work of French composer and conductor Juliette Nadia Boulanger (1887-1979), undoubtedly one of basically the most influential 20th century lecturers of musical composition. She turned into as soon as the principle lady to habits major symphony orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic, the Boston Symphony, the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the BBC Symphony. Her composition Le Couteau, published in 1922 has a relentlessly pounding piano that we have got chosen for the choir.

Neecia has been composing since 1993, in both western classical and rock. “For Haiku 1, I turned into as soon as impressed by a guide of poetry by the Jap poet, Basho that I sold a whereas previously from a thrift guide store. Haiku is verse with simplest 13 syllables. I stumbled on the poems very profound and determined to residence just a few of them to tune for mezzo soprano and piano.

“I wrote The Procedure I Am this year, impressed by the #MeToo motion, and it is miles a ambitious tune (for mixed voices) that talks about ladies’s empowerment.”

Rock chick

On her continued hobby in Rock tune, Neecia says, “Even though I turned into as soon as trained in western classical tune from a younger age, I constantly wanted to are trying my hand at rock. I wrote my first tune in 1993, nonetheless it turned into as soon as simplest in 2015 with Majolly Rock Project that my different rock profession started to resolve off. My songs sort out points similar to politics, the atmosphere, gender family and human rights. It has been a breath of unusual air for me, and has unfolded a brand unusual circle of musicians and traffic.

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