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A reader, noting its mineral sources, says why no longer. One other urges Greenland to raise the U.S., striking us beneath Denmark’s rational rule. Also: Child admire all.


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To the Editor:

Re “With an Behold on Greenland, Trump Mixes Staunch Property With Diplomacy” (news article, Aug. 17):

President Trump’s neocolonial opinion to raise Greenland is no longer as absurd as it sounds. The realm’s ultimate island is prosperous in minerals, alongside with rare earths. Since China for the time being dominates the enviornment production in rare earths and has the capability to make a selection care of the enviornment hostage, the acquisition of Greenland would imply greater financial independence for the US.

What’s ironic, then again, is that the opinion is a tacit admission that climate exchange is staunch finally. The Trump administration is making a wager on the indisputable fact that Greenland’s glaciers are disappearing like a flash and will sooner or later be long gone, making mining and fracking feasible and reasonable.

Thomas Enough. Wolber

Delaware, Ohio

To the Editor:

President Trump wants to raise Greenland. The next opinion is for Greenland to raise us. Then we will most likely be beneath Denmark’s rational executive.

Denmark rates second in “world happiness.” We’re 19th. It has health admire all. It has a more in-depth earnings distribution diagram so that the prosperous don’t retain watch over the executive. It has discovered an even immigration policy. It doesn’t have city sprawl. It has colossal food and schnapps. And Danes rate theology — F.D.R. learn Kierkegaard right thru the darkest days of the war.

Let’s sell, no longer assume — like a flash.

(Rev.) Charles Brock

Erie, Pa.


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To the Editor:

Re “Child Care Still Stirs Up Resistance” (The Upshot, Aug. 17):

Will the argument never stay? Why does the request “Ought to soundless mothers work?” continue to floor? Let’s settle one thing subtle now. Girls folk, like males, desire to work, wish to work or one thing in between.

The need for child care is a fact within the US and around the enviornment. An rising quantity of households can’t have the funds for to pay for child care, and folk that admire formative years can’t have the funds for to work for inadequate wages. We desire public crimson meat as much as avoid wasting that work for formative years, for fogeys and for the suppliers.

Correct child care can make a contribution to the health, discovering out and properly-being of formative years. The United States can pick this opportunity to promote these advantages or leave out it. The different is ours.

Child care is no longer going away. Let’s save it better, let’s save it extra reasonable and let’s get on with it.

Joan Lombardi


The writer became once the first director of the Child Care Bureau, Division of Health and Human Services, from 1995 to 1997.

To the Editor:

Claire Cain Miller reports that a request has recently “resurfaced” as to whether mothers would possibly possibly possibly perchance possibly soundless work within the first position. I really have a request to pose myself: What century and decade are we in again?

Amy Laiken


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