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Friday, April 3, 2020

'Gang | ‘Gang affiliate’ nabbed in PE after 10-year-aged boy shot in crossfire

A 25-year-old "gang affiliate" was arrested on Wednesday night for allegedly shooting and injuring a 10-year-old boy in Gelvandale in Port Elizabeth. Police spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu said the man was affiliated to the Dustlise gang and was arreste…

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Italy data: Covid-19 no more virulent than the flu

Data from Italy supports the growing evidence from experts that the COVID-19 virus is no more virulent than the flu.  As the information spreads governments face an increasing credibility gap between the size of the threat and the severity of their response.  Loss of credibility could impact their efforts to tackle the genuine crisis in…

CityWatch: The coronavirus hits New York City’s poorest areas the hardest

Coronavirus has overwhelmed swaths of New York City’s poorest neighborhoods, including the hardest hit area, which just so happens to be named Corona, Queens. Playgrounds shuttered on the cusp of spring. Gas at its cheapest, but people can’t leave their homes. City schools closed just in time for standardized test (and prom) season. But the…