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First Look At Swatch 1983 Sistem51

First Look At Swatch 1983 Sistem51

In the 1980s  Swatch, then a largely unknown Swiss price pushed help the attack of Japanese quartz timepieces on the that nation’s analogue survey exchange with their vivid plastic watches which went on to was an iconic trend accessory sooner or later of the arena. The success of those quartz timepieces helped Swatch was one of many ideal survey groups in sooner or later of the arena the next 20 years, and ironically, also fuelled the comeback of the Swiss mechanical survey exchange.

Swatch’s contemporary 1983 Sistem51 relives the custom of the foremost ancient survey. It is miles fabricated from precisely the same different of formula as the authentic – 51, nonetheless from bio-sourced materials extracted from the seeds of the castor plant. The survey is machine-assembled, and the total formula are held along with correct one screw. As a result, it must no longer be opened or repaired.  Even the packaging is eco-friendly, fabricated from paper foam, a fabric sourced from a combination of potato and tapioca starch.

Here’s our video review.

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