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UK coronavirus LIVE: London to enter Tier 2 lockdown after midnight on Friday as millions face new Covid restrictions

UK coronavirus LIVE: London to enter Tier 2 lockdown after midnight on Friday as millions face new Covid restrictions

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The row over a imaginable Tier 3 lockdown in Manchester is persevering with , after Cupboard Situation of job minister Michael Gove accused Bigger Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham of “political posturing” and called for drag “to build of us’s lives” .

He made the comments as Mr Burnham called for the more durable restrictions to approach with an ample financial equipment. The Mayor additionally accused Boris Johnson of exaggerating the severity of the placement’s coronavirus enlighten.

In the interim, Narrative knowledgeable Professor Jeremy Farrar has said that it’s far “not too leisurely” to impose a national circuit-breaker lockdown and that ministers ought to silent impose it “now”, no topic Mr Gove ruling out the transfer .

It comes because the UK recorded nearly 17,000 new coronavirus situations in a single day, because the Covid-19 loss of life toll rose by 150 – the supreme Sunday develop since June.

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2020-10-18T22: 17: 18.946Z

A leaked anecdote finds the extent of the disaster in Bigger Manchester:

Bigger Manchester is determined to toddle out of hospital beds as coronavirus situations proceed to surge across the placement, a leaked NHS doc suggests.

Hospitals in Salford, Stockport and Bolton are already fleshy in accordance with the diagnosis, which has been shared with The Guardian.

A native spike in Covid-19 infections pushed them to maximum ability by Friday, leaving them and not using a spare beds by which to take care of the rising alternative of sufferers.

It comes amid ongoing clashes between ministers and northerly leaders over the phrases below which the discipline will enter Tier 3 of the Authorities’s Covid alert gadget.

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2020-10-18T18: 11: 15.206Z

Right here’s basically the most mute within the Tier 3 stand-off between northern leaders and Westminster:

The mayor of Bigger Manchester has urged Boris Johnson to “ruin the deadlock” over plans to location the placement below Tier 3 coronavirus alert.

Andy Burnham is calling on the High Minister to build the phrases of any new restrictions sooner than MPs by conserving a vote within the Commons.

The Labour mayor is persevering with his fight to safe elevated funding in trade for the discipline accepting strict new Covid-curbing measures.

He was as soon as said to own had a “optimistic” conversation with Mr Johnson’s chief strategic adviser, Sir Edward Lister on Sunday afternoon, nonetheless has yet to agree on plans to transfer Bigger Manchester into the Authorities’s “very high probability” category.

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2020-10-18T17: 56: 11.556Z

The Welsh Authorities is tense more strengthen from Westminster to protect jobs and companies sooner than a imaginable two-week circuit-ruin lockdown, the country’s health minister has said.

Vaughan Gething said the furlough draw ends on October 31 and will most definitely be replaced by the UK Authorities with a “much less generous” Job Support Blueprint.

He informed the BBC’s Politics Wales show the Welsh Authorities is “arguing” with ministers in London that a “more certain and more generous equipment” is wanted.

From November 1 the UK Authorities can pay 67 per cent of wages – as a lot as a maximum of £2,100 a month – for each employee.

Workers have to be off work for a minimal of seven days to be eligible, and their employer does not have to pay in direction of their wage.

Below basically the most mute furlough draw workers stand as a lot as 80 per cent of their pay – 20 per cent from their employer and 60 per cent from the Authorities.

A leaked letter from the transport trade in Wales suggests a two-week circuit-ruin lockdown is to be presented at 6pm on October 23 and can closing till November 9, with all nonetheless most main retail shops closed.

A closing resolution on a circuit-breaker is expected to be presented by First Minister Impress Drakeford on Monday.

2020-10-18T17: 03: 19.046Z

Health center shortages may well very properly be saved from the skies:

Ex-fighter pilots own turn into basically the most mute recruits within the UK’s fight in opposition to coronavirus.

RAF and Royal Navy veterans are to waft drones carrying Covid-19 samples, test kits and within most conserving tools between hospitals across the country.

It is hoped that the airborne delivery provider will withhold faraway from courier name-out ready situations, free up NHS workers, reduce aid pointless physical contact and minimise the probability of secondary transmission of the virus.

The clinical drones are being piloted by frail fighter pilots from the York-based mostly unmanned airplane coaching firm Flyby Expertise.

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2020-10-18T16: 22: 19.243Z

Hospitals within the North West are persevering with to search basically the most hospital admissions:

The choice of Covid-19 sufferers admitted to hospital on Friday – basically the most most mute on every day basis figures available – and the general alternative of sufferers in hospital and these on ventilators in each location of England, as of Sunday, are as follows (earlier week’s figure in brackets):

East of England – 23 admitted (19), 226 in hospital (137), 23 on ventilators (16)

London – 67 (55), 498 (338), 86 (57)

Midlands – 132 (87), 853 (576), 88 (81)

North East & Yorkshire – 159 (146), 1,230 (914), 113 (99)

North West – 196 (180), 1,785 (1,218), 161 (132)

South East – 33 (34), 221 (174), 11 (8)

South West – 22 (23), 161 (94), 21 (8)

2020-10-18T15: 38: 22.573Z

Health center admissions proceed to upward push…

Separate figures show there had been 4,974 Covid-19 sufferers in hospital in England on Sunday, up from 3,451 every week ago, while 503 had been in ventilation beds, up from 401 every week ago.

A total of 632 sufferers with confirmed Covid-19 had been admitted to hospitals in England on Friday, when in contrast with 544 every week earlier.

2020-10-18T15: 09: 32.240Z

BREAKING: One of the mute figures are in:

2020-10-18T14: 57: 33.163Z

One of the mute coronavirus figures are attributable to be published rapidly.

This graph tracks how situations own shot up across the UK over most mute weeks:

2020-10-18T14: 31: 21.393Z

Andy Burnham welcomes ‘contructive’ talk with No10

Bigger Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has welcomed a “optimistic” conversation with High Minister Boris Johnson’s chief strategic adviser, Sir Edward Lister.

A spokesman for the Labour mayor said: “The mayor has had a optimistic name with Sir Edward Lister.”

2020-10-18T13: 19: 47.640Z

And from Wales…

There had been an additional 950 situations of Covid-19 diagnosed in Wales, bringing the general alternative of confirmed situations within the country to 35,628.

Public Health Wales said three further deaths had been reported, with the general alternative of deaths since the starting place of the pandemic rising to 1,711.

2020-10-18T13: 17: 44.863Z

One of the mute statistics from England

A further 61 of us who examined certain for coronavirus own died in hospital in England, bringing the general alternative of confirmed deaths reported in hospitals to 30,971, NHS England said on Sunday.

Sufferers had been aged between 54 and 96. All nonetheless four sufferers, aged 56 to 92, had identified underlying health stipulations.

The deaths had been between October 4 and 17.

Four other deaths had been reported and not using a certain Covid-19 test result.

2020-10-18T13: 07: 36.536Z

Bigger than 1,000 new situations recorded in Northern Ireland

There had been 1,012 new Covid-19 situations in Northern Ireland within the closing 24-hour reporting interval, the Division of Health has presented.

Some 7,090 new certain situations had been notified within the closing seven days.

There are 228 sufferers with Covid-19 being treated in hospital, with 30 in intensive care.

There had been five deaths reported on Sunday, taking the toll recorded by the division to 615.

2020-10-18T13: 01: 30.353Z

UK store closures at anecdote high in 2020

A anecdote alternative of outlets closed all the device in which through the first half of of 2020 attributable to the coronavirus lockdown, new figures show.

A total of 11,000 chain operator shops shut between January and August this yr, in accordance with research from the Local Files Company and accountancy agency PwC.

Around 5,000 shops opened, leaving a obtain decline of 6,001 stores, nearly double the fall all the device in which through the an identical interval closing yr.

Lisa Hooker, consumer markets chief at PwC, said: “All of us know that the pandemic will proceed to impact the components we work, relaxation and play; on the opposite hand, through how we store, this isn’t new.

“What now we own considered is an acceleration of existing changes in browsing behaviours alongside compelled experimentation from Covid-19 restrictions.

“All of us knew that customers had been shifting to browsing online or changing their priorities through the issues they opt, nonetheless what Covid-19 has performed is own a step-change in these underlying dispositions to where they’ve now turn into the new regular.”

The guidelines shows there was as soon as a precise upward push in store closures since 2017, when the general was as soon as 6,453, increasing by a minimal of 1,000 nearly yearly.

The sectors which own considered consistent declare over the closing five years embody worth retailers and reduce aid worth supermarkets.

2020-10-18T12: 36: 30.920Z

Burnham: ‘Right here just is not appropriate a Bigger Manchester scenario’

Bigger Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has written to political leaders in Westminster urging them to lend a hand safe a “sexy financial framework” for native lockdowns.

Mr Burnham informed Boris Johnson, Sir Keir Starmer and other occasion leaders that “right here just is not appropriate a Bigger Manchester scenario” as he called for a consistent new equipment for Tier 3 restrictions.

Backed by Liverpool Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram, he called for a “fleshy and sexy furlough draw” conserving 80 per cent of wages or a minimal of the national minimal wage, strengthen for the self-employed and improved compensation for companies.

“With the not easy cool weather that lies sooner than the country, it’s far seemingly that nearly all locations will gain themselves in Tier 3 in the end sooner than a vaccine is chanced on,” Mr Burnham wrote.

“That is why we give it some notion is moral for Parliament to debate and agree what is an nice looking stage of strengthen for of us and companies in these areas.

“At most mute, native areas are agreeing particular person offers with the Authorities. It is by no device certain that these will seemingly be ample to take care of the pressures they’ll face. Also, the dearth of transparency about this route of and the risks of differential therapy is potentially divisive.

“Organising certain national entitlements of the kind we had all the device in which through the first lockdown will own a approach of equity which in turn would lend a hand imprint public strengthen for, and compliance with, any new restrictions.”

2020-10-18T12: 26: 34.426Z

Ireland: Authorities ‘will rob decisive and nationwide drag’ over virus surge

In the interim, in Ireland, the Authorities will rob “decisive and nationwide” drag on Monday over the rising alternative of coronavirus situations, a minister has said.

It comes after political leaders bought briefings from health officials in Dublin on Saturday about their concerns at basically the most mute hastily spread of the virus.

Amid increasing hypothesis, Elevated Education Minister Simon Harris confirmed on Sunday that the Authorities will rob drag.

The National Public Health Emergency Workers (NPHET) has instantaneous transferring to Level 5 of the Covid-19 restrictions framework for six weeks.

On the 2d Counties Dublin, Donegal, Cavan and Monaghan are at Level 4, while the rest of the country is at Level 3.

The Cupboard is to meet on Monday.

2020-10-18T11: 22: 57.970Z

Burnham criticises ‘we’re alright Jack’ letter that provoked row between Tories

Andy Burnham has hit aid at a “community of southern” Tory MPs who angered Conservative colleagues by calling for the Bigger Manchester Mayor to “rep” with the Authorities’s lockdown measures to forestall further restrictions in their constituencies.

He said on the “we’re alright Jack” letter from 20 Conservatives whose areas are currently below the lowest assemble of coronavirus restriction would not “reduce aid mighty ice right here”.

The 20 Conservatives wrote an commence letter to Mr Burnham and the Labour chief urging them to obtain the virus “below management” in Manchester to again faraway from the “ache” of a national lockdown.

Tory MPs, at the side of some in Bigger Manchester, criticised the letter as “unhelpful”.

Mr Burnham informed the BBC’s Andrew Marr Portray: “I’m not certain a kind of ‘we’re alright Jack’ letter from a community of southern Conservatives MPs is going to reduce aid mighty ice right here.

“I may well converse to them a couple of of them signify constituencies whose situations had been greater than ours when we went into national lockdown. Anyplace may well cease up in Tier 3 this cool weather. If truth be told, I may well converse locations are at probability of cease up in Tier 3 this cool weather, therefore it’s all and sundry’s enlighten that we protect the lowest paid in our communities.”

2020-10-18T10: 21: 49.513Z

Lack of compliance making UK outbreak worse, Chinese resident living in London says

A Chinese citizen living in London, who got trapped in Wuhan all the device in which through the height of the pandemic, has said China was as soon as in a location to obtain a sooner grip on the virus due to us are more obedient and inclined to hear to science.

Xi Lu, 31, spent 141 days in Wuhan after he grew to turn into stuck all the device in which through a test with to search household within the metropolis. His main other remained within the UK when he went out of the country in January and he was as soon as finally in a location to approach aid to London, where he has lived for the closing seven years, in July.

​He said: “In China if there is a rule, we practice the rule of thumb. If we peep somebody not following the solutions, we don’t have to punish them, now we must always always make certain they are privy to their violations in opposition to the solutions.

“Most of the Chinese of us, in explicit the younger skills, they’ve had more than 15 years of most main education. So many of the younger skills, they own about within the science. They appropriate practice no topic the scientists converse.

“Build on the conceal? We wear the conceal. And we say our oldsters and grandparents to wear the conceal. We wouldn’t converse ‘let’s rob the conceal off because I will’t breathe moral’, because we know this virus is there.”

2020-10-18T10: 02: 04.583Z

Test and Ticket files share ‘proportionate’

Michael Gove defended police being given files from NHS Test and Ticket, announcing that officers are working in a “very proportionate device”.

He said: “I feel that actually the behavioural effects show that nearly all of of us, the overwhelming majority of of us, have to be share of a national effort to battle the virus.

“And for certain there’ll seemingly be some, a extremely, very small minority, who will seemingly be, you know, heedless of the penalties of their actions.

“However the opposite part is, the police to be sexy to them, are working issues to this point as I will peep, in a extremely proportionate device.

“They rep and they also narrate properly sooner than they build in pressure. All of us know that folks imprint innocent errors and an appropriate discover can mean that that innocent error may well additionally be corrected by any of us.

“However where you imprint obtain continual, flagrant and deliberate breaching of the solutions, then it’s far suitable for drag to be taken.”

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